Web Shop: On the road to success with a good Business Intelligence solution

incuda Background:

incuda provides a Business Intelligence (BI) platform and expertise for retailers and supports them in going from data insights to full governance of strategy, tactics and operations. We enable fast change from a traditional retail business to data-driven business. We help our clients to stay focused on business by handling:
       • End-to-end Business Intelligence transition
       • Data integration
       • Business Intelligence operations

Our customers can benefit from our retail focused platform as well as market ready, proven, and agile solutions which can be adapted to their business needs in no time. The flexibility and openness of the platform enables further extensions and customization on demand.
At incuda we believe that data not only helps to drive change, but also supports in making better decisions every day.

One of our founders Tobias Krebs in an interview with Ralph Günther, explains the need for Web Shops to be data-driven as a key driver for success.
To be data-driven Web Shop operators should have a good Business Intelligence (BI) solution in place that meets the needs of the customers. It must be fast and ready for use because “time is money”.

With an appropriate BI solution like incuda, retailers can make fast and better decision every day.
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