Business Intelligence for Multichannel Retail

We track behavior, interest & profitability of over 500 million people from over 100 countries on a daily basis


Management & Controlling

Integrated multichannel metrics & KPIs for users, orders, revenue and profit.

Strategic growth drivers, trends over time, detail analysis of changes.

Data culture & Data know-how

Traffic Acquisition & Marketing

Company-wide attribution model for all channels & devices, including profit contribution: SEM, PSM, affiliates, print, customer service, TV,

New Customer profitability, based on cohorts and revenue forecasting.

Power Analytics

User Profiles: 40+ attributes per user and month.

Score Book with daily user scores and segments.

Sandbox environment for prototyping & testing.

Activitation & Conversion

User Profiles, e.g. for personalized CRM, Lifecycle management and transaction mails.

User Segment Alerts, e.g. for Lifecycle & Churn management.

CLTV metrics and forecast for value-based campaigning

Business Partners

External sales channels, stores, affiliates; owned or external marketplaces

Manufacturers and vendors

Online-Store cross-channel scores

Product Intelligence

Product Performance on sales, returns, stock level and profit margin.

Allocating categories and products to advertising campaigns (newsletter, catalog, social and so on)

Returns & profit forecasting



Our approach to customer-centricity

To increase customer understanding incuda BI provides detailed data for wider customer view. We use data from various online channels, analyse market trends and incorporate the inhouse data, user data and data from multiple companies to get a Wider Customer View.

Pre-packaged support for Multi-Channel Business

Pre-packaged solutions enables our customers to be faster to the market. The platform includes ready to use standard reports and business specific calculations to serve the needs of different departments. Once the platform is set-up, the business content is available for users from the start. Any other custom requirements can also be developed and integrated to the platform.

Plug-and-Play Data Pipelines

incuda BI places special focus to all levels of the platform for its customers to be faster to the market. With plug-and-play data pipelines both at the setup phase or during ongoing business incuda BI can enable customers to get access and utilize data faster and not be delayed by development activities. With over 50 ready-to-use data pipelines, we can integrate the data from both internal and external data sources in incuda BI platform.

incuda BI: Architecture Overview

incuda BI is an open and scalable platform which can be run on top of different data infrastructures. The platform includes not only scalable data warehouse but also different intelligent data models for business specific calculations also standard reporting and KPIs out of the box. The platform can also be connected to different data visualization and data mining tools for reporting and further ad-hoc analytics.

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