Operations Team Feedback Survey – External

Note: This survey is completely anonymous and no personal details would be collected.

The Operations (OPS) Team is very responsive to all the issues reported.  *

The OPS team delivers complete, clear and easy to understand information on incidents and status. *

The OPS team works in a result-oriented way. *

The OPS team understands your requirements well regarding your need, the urgency and the expected approach. *

The requests to the OPS team are handled promptly. *

The resolutions provided by the OPS team meets all the requirements. *

The OPS team is always available for any operations related task. *

The data provided by the OPS team is complete. *

The data provided by the OPS team is with good data quality. *

The data provided by the OPS team is available in a performant way *

The OPS team understands the business language of its clients. *

All members of the OPS team share the same knowledge level when solving any issues. *

The OPS team regularly updates the tickets with the latest developments on the issues. *

All the members of the OPS team can be reached easily. *

Overall, you are satisfied with the work and the performance of the OPS Team. *

Which behaviour do you want the OPS team to improve on? *

Please share your feedback on this survey, if any? Ex: The Questions, The Evaluation Criteria and so on.

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