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incuda is the enabler for fast change from traditional to a data driven business.
We empower companies with our BI platform, knowledge & expertise.
We let them focus on business by handling end-to-end BI transition, integration and operations.

Why incuda?

incuda BI provides a technical data hub and support for customers. This enables them to strengthening their data culture, develop new performance metrics, and translate their analytical results into action. With our holistic data integration technology customers can make desired implementations and improvements on our BI platform.

Pre-Built Solutions

Pre-Built Solutions

Management & Controlling
Power Analytics
Business Partners
Traffic Acquisition & Marketing
Activation & Conversion
Category Intelligence 

Pre-Built Intelligence Models

incuda BI has a packaged intelligent model to drive insights from data. With our models, you can get 360 degree customer view, multi-channel, user journey, marketing cost attribution, customer life-cycle and many more.

Pre-Built Intelligence Models

Fast and Agile Integration with our Data Pipelines

Save time and cost to access your data with our plug-and-play approach to data connectors.
With over 50 ready-to-use data pipelines, we integrate the data from both internal and external data sources in incuda BI platform.

Integration Partners

Consulting Partners

Technology Partners


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