Business Monitoring

Discover trends and outliers and understand root causes Set-up new alerts / monitors Get active impulses from context-based data intelligence.

Immediate Action

Data feeds from Action stories Push results manually to e.g. an e-mail address Configure daily export of format to IT destination Log every data export activity

Activity Optimizer

Get new ideas, better benchmarks & goals from trends, segmentation Push findings back to DWH and operational systems Update Corporate knowledge base

New Ideas

Document research, validation & prioritsation of new ideas Check for activity candidates Simulation of benefit, validation of idea Plan new activities


Support team stand-up & meetings Business news, best practices Competitor & Market monitor Know-how & best practices from previous Actions Cross-organisation efforts create „bigger ideas“ „Follow“ Actions and stay aligned across the organisation




    Business Data in Business Language

  • Driver of change and recommendations are all based on the data but presented in business language.
  • The translation of data helps to understand the meaning of the data easily and act on it without upfront.


Recommendations as business stories to drive new business cases

  • The stories will enable you to identify business problems to act on, which will contribute towards your goals.
  • The stories provide root causes, business context, and estimate of potential profit or loss outcomes.

Outcome driven step by step guidelines, to go from data to actions

  • The platform provides task to be done.
  • Tasks have defined steps and guides to follow through.
  • Tasks are designed with business users in mind, for them to be able to go from data to actions without needing external support on analytical details.

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